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Public Adjuster Training Center is in business EXCLUSIVELY to prepare you to pass your Public Adjuster State License Examination, and to fulfill your Continuing Education needs which will be required beginning in 2014. We are ONLY Public Adjuster Educational Provider set up just for this purpose. Our instructors are very well versed in the topics that appear on your license exam, and our passing rate is unrivaled.

We are the only firm in the State of Illinois specializing in Illinois Public Adjusters Prelicensing Training.

Since February 2012 we have offered the following services:

  • Exam preparation for Illinois Public Adjuster test
  • Licensing assistance:

Advantages of having a Public Adjuster License:

  • Legal compliance — Public Adjuster Act of 2011 and the Home Repair and Remodeling Act of 2012 require those who solicit insurance-related repair work MUST have a PA license
  • Make money – Public Adjusters charge a commission % on the total amount of repair work
  • Control – the Public Adjuster essentially has control over the insurance repair work; MUCH more than mere contractors have
  • Respect – especially from the insurance company adjuster
  • Get paid – the Public Adjuster Act requires the policyholder to pay the PA within 30 days of getting insurance money
  • Double-dip — State law allows contractors to also act (and get paid) as public adjusters on the same project

Competitive Advantages of Illinois Public Adjuster School.

  • We are the only firm specializing in Illinois Public Adjusters.
  • The instructor has taken (and intentionally failed) the Illinois PA exam ten times (the test is administered by Pearson Vue, Inc. It is 100 multiple-choice questions, given on a computer, in a randomized format. No two of my exams has been the same)
  • We have taught over half of all Illinois-licensed PA’s.
  • The instructor has over 31 years of property insurance experience.

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