Public Adjusters and the Public Adjuster Contract in Illinois

Who is Public Adjuster?

Public Adjuster in Illinois is the claim adjuster for a homeowner or commercial building owner who has a property claim on his or her insurance policy. The Public Adjuster (PA) signs a contract with the owner, and then negotiates directly with the insurance company’s adjuster to get a fair and prompt claim settlement. The Public Adjuster is paid on an agreed percentage of the repair work.

Once a Public Adjuster contract is in effect, the insurance company’s adjuster CANNOT talk to the owner directly; the insurer’s adjuster must work directly and only with the Public Adjuster. This puts the adjuster in a position of much greater strength and leverage than an unrepresented owner or contractor would have.

Public Adjuster Illinois

Illinois Public Adjuster

The State of Illinois (Midwestern USA in general) and Chicago Area in particular, has a massive roofing and siding industry, fed by frequent damaging weather events – including hail, tornadoes, and flooding. These weather events cause numerous insurance claims on Homeowner’s and Commercial Property policies. Being The Public Adjuster in The State of Illinois you have lots of weather-related insurance claims, you get “storm-chasers.” And when storm-chasers get too greedy or too sloppy, you get accusations of fraud and abuse by contractors, building material supplier, and insurance companies.

State of Illinois re-wrote its Public Adjuster Act in 2011, and followed up in 2012 with a revised Home Repair and Remodeling Act responding to a torrent of storm-chaser and related complaints

Illinois does not put a stated cap on the commission percentage which a Public Adjuster may charge.

Illinois’ Public Adjuster Law is more favorable to contractors than other storm-chasing states, such as Texas. Illinois allows contractors to also act as Licensed Public Adjuster with proper disclosure to the consumer (other states does not). Illinois does not put a stated cap on the commission percentage which a PA may charge (TX caps commission at 5 or 10%).

The result of this contractor-favorable legislative action, plus lots of bad weather, contractors, and money in the region, is that by early 2012 Chicago Area became the hottest place in the USA to do a Public Adjuster Work.

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